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Jim Campbell
Mar 28, 2021
In Spiritual Artwork
We had a friend drop by to say hi!
Friend drops by! content media
Jim Campbell
Jun 12, 2020
In Strange Occurrences
When I was a junior in High School we were living in Oklahoma. My father was in the military and we had just gotten word that we would be relocating to North Dakota. At the time we had a gentleman helping at our house with chores like, cleaning, cooking and repairs, lets call him Tom. Tom was also in the military. My older brother was away attending college at OU and my younger brother and I lived at home. My younger brother was 8 or 9 at the time. We had a prowler at our house and he had broken into the garage more then once and had made threating and harassing phone calls. He called himself the Phantom. Because Tom was always there he had taken all the phone calls and had passed on messages from the Phantom. No one had ever seen him. My Father contacted the OSI (Office of Special Investigation) the military's answer to the FBI. Basically they said to be careful, lock the doors and windows and call if there was a problem, they also left a 24 hour phone number we could call. The phantom kept calling and things continued to go missing from the garage and outside of the house but he never got inside. As luck would have it my parents had to leave town for the week-end and asked Tom to stay at our house and watch us boys. He agreed. It was Saturday afternoon and a friend of mind was at my house visiting me. Tom said he needed to run home and would I stay there and keep an eye on my little brother for about an hour. I said no problem and Tom left. A little while later the phone rang and when I answered it, it was a strange voice that was threating my family. I recognized the voice as soon as I heard it but did not let him know that I did. Along with his threats he told me several times he was the Phantom. The voice that I heard was Tom! I called the OSI number immediately and told them what happened and they told me to find a another place for my brother and I to spend the night and not return home until my parents got there. They also said not to tell Tom that I got the phone call. I followed their instructions. Tom returned and asked if I got any calls and I said No. He was perplexed and asked again, still I said No. I then told him my brother and I would not be home tonight as we were staying with friends. My brother and I had already packed so we left. My parents returned on Sunday, Tom left and I told my parents the story. On Monday the OSI questioned Tom and determined that he did not make the phone call, was not the Phantom and that I was mistaken. They thought Tom was protecting the family by being there and was helping to keep the Phantom away. My Father questioned me about the phone call and I still was 100% positive that it was Tom. On Tuesday my Father asked Tom to stop by his office to pick something up. When Tom arrived my Father asked him to have a seat across the desk from him. Once Tom was seated my Dad said, tell me Tom why you are doing all this and calling yourself the Phantom? At first he denied it and said it was not him but after a few minutes he broke down and admitted he was the Phantom. His reason for doing this was because we were moving and he really enjoyed working at out house and wanted to come along. My Dad said he had planned on asking him but had not done so yet but that all Tom had to do was ask! Tom was turned over to the OSI, he received psychological help and long term counselling. He also stayed in Oklahoma. So in our household when you ask who caught the was me!

Jim Campbell

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