I Gotta Problem

Spiritual Beings end your war///

Global Eart Covenant idea: Spirit of Strength A Velvet Moon Adventure
(A book about ghosts in the land)
By Amanda Faith///

-With several Spirit Success Manuals, and now we want Spirit Regeneration pieces with our new covenant, how about :
Spirit Self-Healing,
Spirit Healing abilities,
Spirit Restore, and
Spirit Mending, and
Dead Humans resurrect standing up///

Fix the Illegal Mechanics and Devices in the houses Globally for Eart, such as the Furnace Trap, and the Refrigerator Trap should be checked out too///

Please be done with Talmud Book from the Roswell 1947 Crash Book "Hebrew Talmud" by Abraham Cohen, because we don't like it as a Covenant for the Globe cause Spiritual Beings were supposed to identify Spiritual Forces so they wouldn't be touched by the Spiritual Beings, but Spiritual Beings needed never to go into war mode in the first place except for evil Resurrection Scripture created a nightmare which included Spiritual Being Shovels and Created Beings heads: Human Kind, Spirit Human Kind, and other Spiritual Creatures, and were harmed in small places like car exhaust pipes where they weren't supposed to go, and then Abraham Cohen was resurrected as a giant and Spiritual Beings picked him up and threw him through a wall into a stupid trapped refrigerator, and he wasnt supposed to go through walls///

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