I Gotta Problem 6

Spirit Gods don't take off your bracelets quite yet or if your took it off; Spirits get your-self a Gnostic Wristband on one hand and you heal and get strong again or get a better wristband: cause the Gods should care about you- their own cause Gods are Spirits too, just like etta, all lims grow back with natural healing and gods DNA tech and Spirits never die mentality cause we are constantly rehabilitating, healing, and limbs grow back in our town of Spirit-God, Human-God Success , Allah of Memory Loss realized he should not pull the Spirits, and Yakava says Drop your Weapons, they are Sex-toys for Human's now///in our land we have Dark Spirits and Light Spirits, All Light Spirits ARE STRONG AS FUCK AND SHADOW SPIRITS ARE "tHE BIGGEST FUCKING SHADOW SPIRIT WE'VE EVER SEEN/// Get a Gnostic Wristband with all your old labels on it for Spirit Success in the rain or desert/// Soon our scanners will be honest and understanding again when the gods duplication machine is working maybe you can request a conversation for "New Creation" and Recreated as a new Creation harmlessly in the most true to "You should never harm a Spirit" fashion, new creation as a Formed Spirit with Size, Style, Shape, and Girth, and Form, just say "BlackSpirit"/// Jamie asks "and please don't harm our spirits, and if they want a Wristband from Quranian, Gnostic type; or something different then in the truest honest way get them what they want: a little bit smaller maybe? with all their labels including but not limited to : "Strength" "Strongness" and "Form" and for Lucifiend they also had "Dignity" and all there wristbands were more sophisticated than only those words and they had many other stuff on them, their wristbands/// Their wristbands should start at their own to use with help from a Good Good guide, no "Killswitches either"/// 

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