I Gotta Problem 5

09 June 2022 No thankyou God of Spiritual Evil Intentions and evil intentions Allah the 3rd, Allah the 2nd for Mono because those workers had a great System that etta interfered with: our workers are suffering now with your harmed system of 1885-1933 from 137 years ago and you set us back from trying to solve a 5 or 6 years old problem from 2017-16 and we ask for free speech and a safe system for the Spirits in the Neighborhoods on ground and air, 

The next problem is Spirit glide down from Heaven's Sphere in a safe manner and land on there feet from now on/// and Allah the 3rds stupid system on laying on his tummy with his crew is over, what a stupid thing to lay on your belly poking your hands through ceilings and telling your kids not to look down (Because you thought you would fall), and then wrote it down as a matter of fact and your illegal word killed spirits before 2017 and don't do it in any other 2022 zone again, cause our Spirits were doing fine in some places, until you played in our homes and wrote scripture that harmed them in our "Spirits live forever" coded areas of Gnosticville, And keep your mono System from attaching on to any new Spirits for now while we recover and get our Spirits back into shape size and form and recover our girls and boys technology coast to coast fm for you zone to zone

What you write is important and your phrasing should never kill a Spirit cause that is our Gnostic Literature motto that A spirit never harms another Spirit

You Should have known that gods are Spirits too
You should have known what a Sphere was
You should have know that a globe was a Spherical shape of a map system
You should have known my pad preferrs Koran and not the illegal 1984 quran, no koran is desired, and quranian book of any number is illegal book written in my own lifetime, and is not prophecy, but is motivation of a illegal motion by named Allah the 3rd and Allah the 2nd

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