I Gotta Problem 4

06 June 2022

Spiritual food in your zones coming up sooner than you
think - Lady Goddess says so///

Spiritual Good is our land code from now on and Spiritual Evil gods will learn from the wickeds, and our Devils will be Spiritual Good Good Wicked or Spiritual Good Good Wicked Sexual or Spiritual Good Good Workers 4 days work or 5 days work, he gets a Sabbath rest and the Devil likes women and men now///

And Good Good Wickeds will never be harmed by Spiritual evil again and they will get a long in the Shadow Realms and the light realm and the other realms where all Spiritual types can live with no tugs from any odd mechanics and can all be Strong Spirits///

09 June 2022 Long Arm Grabbing Stop, no more plucking brain cores, no more touching Brain cores, unless your are part of the Talmud Crew in the land let them guide them in with their superior technology///

09 June 2022 "please repair this word now Do not say it right now Spirit cause of mono:                
/// Some said the omitted word thought it as a safe word to say cause many Spirits on the television in a destant place were grateful to hear the greatest news is a long time and the word is similar to creating and creating is a joy when you need Strength and Strongness again and the good news was a joy until the evilist thing happened, a target for a Spirit was laid: a trap, and it was an injustice///

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