I Gotta Problem 3

Yakava says to Heaven and Hell, You're done collecting goods on our Sphere, Soon to come: GeoLocating on Every human on the Planet, just as soon as our Spiritual tech gets back online and some time goes by after that, and hopefully you just stop touching brain cores for a while///

Update Tanakh Code Users across the Map / Globe: If a girl says she a jew; she's a jew: if she can't repeat scripture she may not have read scripture or doesn't have the memory for it///Women should not be forced from their home no matter what, women are weaker physically than men so we should treat them better than everyone else///there is a reason why a woman leaves a house; on her free will///

"Will the Gods do something for me please? Remove the curse of the Spiritual Evil God of my Spiritual Good Good Wicked Sexual Property So that all of Yakava's יעקב Properties are not cursed by a Single God of Evil Intentions on a duplication spree///And remove the evil mechanics and devices from all the homes so that the Spirits have success there///

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