Ethiopian Flag Judah's Victory Jeshu is reflected on the staff of the Lioness who he's carrying it 2 is that the Lion is backed agaisn't the wall of God and is a Spiritual Website and Ethiopia is miles and mile mile away from home

Tiger says: "If you do not save the entire Tiger Species aCrossed the Globe  then the Covid disease will last forever until the Human population dwindles to zero, and I will start over"
יעקב 's People

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15. Lamb   
16. Lions
18. Camels
19. Eagles
20. Doves
21. Falcons
22. Tigers                

Tongue twister of the day: "The Hebrew Letter ר- resh; (R) is a "breath" of fresh air" and The word for "Camel" is Gimel in Hebrew Language
The ג- Gimel (G) is a name of a Hebrew Letter too
The Camel (Gimel) says "I like masks during the storms"

Closeup portrait of white purebred friendly little Arabian or the Somali camel colt dromed






"ANAcKNEW" Means: WE

Hebrew word of the day (It's a mindfulness healer) 

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8. Mountains               
9. Branches / vines    
10. Bows                      
11. Rainbows                
12. Green Deserts       
13. Resurrecting           
14. The color purple                 

Jeshu Spiritual God of Righteousness Spiritual religion website Religion Hebrew Studies with Ammy Spirit, Yakava, YHWH Spirit, Allah Spirit, Yeshua Krysto Spiritual Forces

We have,, but who wants to type that in everytime, so we thought is shorter to type, but some people don't like "Jeshu" so we got and then there are others who prefer

1. Tigers        
2. Grains             
3. Honey             
4. Olive Trees 
5. Fig Trees        
6. Holy Pots        
7. Amethyst                      

8. Mountains  
9. Branches / Vines
10. Bows
11. Rainbows
12. Green Deserts
13. Resurrecting
14.The Color Purple

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                                                            Over here we 
have, so be sure to type that in the Search box several times or the shorter for an easy 5 letter alternate name for Jesus, and we also wanted to reach out to Ami, Ammy,
עמי across the Oceans so we also are called, for Amy Atah:

Click the picture to see "faithfulness", as a new word for America; Ehmunah - Hebrew / Englay

Ehmunah is the word for "Faithfulness" in Hebrew, Click to view Language of the Gods on for an explanation for Ehmunah - אמונה which is: "Faithfulness" in Hebrew / English Language corrections, "How do you say: "faith" in Hebrew / English?" "Ehmunah" in Hebrew / Englay, here is some information on what is "Faith" - Ehmunah, so we have all experienced "Faithfulness" at some time in our life: "Ehmunah is like the oil for the gears in the new lamp, so we have light at the party" "Ehmunah" is like the new wine for the new vats with the new vat liners" as was said by Jesus Christ; Yeshua Krystos, Yeshua Krysta, and Jesus Christ talked about "Faithtfulness" and that is how this page correlates to the Bible Scripture, cause we are remembering parables, which are similies of scripture: Parables and Similies of Bible Scripture for Sharing on the Web, cause this has no copywrite, cause we relinquish copywrite laws to anyone who wish to share "Ehmuenah" from the Language of the Gods pg

Click this photographic image for YHWH reminder

YHWHs Word 1_edited.jpg

Shema from the Internet: "Shema Israel, YHWH Elaheyneu YHWH Eckad, Vehahavta Et YHWH Eloheykha beckowl Lavavkha, uvahkohl Nafsheckha, Uvakohl Mahdahka"

"Hear Israel, YHWH Elaheyneu YHWH is one, and you shall love YHWH your god with all your Heart, Soul, and Strength"

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Universal Time GreenLand GMT-1

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The Spiritual Beings enjoy Humans taking an oath every now and then, and this is our oath for today:
Yakava is truly spoken today, but I might make a mistake in speech, and I will attempt correct any mistakes to the truthful statement
       Eloheinu and his favorite things ever
1. Tigers                8. Mountains                15. Lambs
2. Grains               9. Branches / vines     16. Lions
3. Honey              10. Bows                       17. Sheep
4. Olive Trees      11. Rainbows                18. Camels
5. Fig Trees         12. Green Deserts        19. Camels
6. Holy Pots        13. Resurrecting           20. Doves
7. Amethyst              Spirits                      21. Falcons
                            14. The color Purple     22. Unicorns                
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Eloheinu and his Favorite things